HICKIES® Lacing System

CompanyHICKIES, Inc.
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Our experience with traditional laces has been far from perfect. They are either too tight or too loose, always come untied, and look messy. The HICKIES® Lacing System is a no-tie shoelace alternative designed to adapt to your life and how you move. Our modular design and smart material allow you to target how your shoe fits along different parts of your foot, providing personalized comfort and flexibility with each step. Whether running, traveling, training, or on your feet all day, your shoes will fit like a glove and look better, too. Once you install HICKIES® laces, you’ll never have to tie or untie your shoes again. Slip shoes on to run errands, walk the dog, or switch between pairs with ease. Bright, easy, and customizable, the HICKIES® Lacing System is a universal product fit for everyone.

About Designer

HICKIES, Inc. is a global sneaker accessories company focused on athletic performance, innovation and design. The company's flagship product, the HICKIES® Lacing System, is made from memory-fit elastomer that flexes with the foot's movement while still providing support and stability. Current collections include HICKIES, HICKIES Metallic, and HICKIES Kids. The HICKIES® Lacing System is sold in more than 40 countries and is the leading pioneer in the replacement lacing industry with over 2 million packs sold. www.hickies.com