Bag iTag

CompanyTektos Ecosystems Limited
ClientRyan Yeung
DesignerTektos Ecosystems Limited
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Bag iTag is a connected luggage tag that helps travellers to track their luggage. It is tiny, Bluetooth enabled and waterproof. The design combines an attractive shape (in a form of an exclamation mark) easily recognisable but also ergonomically supporting the stress and shocks of a luggage travelling. The back side of the products has a rewritable surface to input and change traveller details. When travelling, users can relax at luggage arrivals as they will be notified, via a secure mobile app, once their luggage has reached the carousel. They can also share their luggage unique ID with airport staff, airlines to help locate if the luggage goes missing. The app connected to the product runs on Android and iOS and follow the same simple design with only two screens for all set-up and interactions.