Yakitori Yamamoto

DesignerHermitcrab Design Architects
Entry Description

It is a yakitori restaurant which has a bar with a relaxed atmosphere. People can feel a sense of walking around Japanese old garden when they come here. Also, they can enjoy a garden with rocks and sand of black and white. There is a line of light which leads people inside the restaurant, amd it gives people feeling of relax and relieved. There are also Japanese writing in the restaurant. There is a space which has an atmosphere of Japanese warehouse and a bathroom which is made based on an image of current. We added story in a Japanese space.

About Designer

2008: Hermitcrab Architects is established. 2011: A new office is opened in Chiba, Japan. 2015: Hermitcrab Design Architects corp. is established. A member of Iehito (open network) Taking out the architectural office liability insurance of Japan Association of Architectural Firms Registered in the ground quality assurance Business Contents: Planning, design and supervision of buildings Design, supervision and separate ordering of houses Commercial interior design Production and sale of furniture and interior ornaments Market research and marketing consulting