Change Vacation Hotel in Dali Ancient City

CompanyCo-Direction Interior Design
ClientXiao-Lin Jiang
DesignerChief designers: Jiang Xiao-Lin, Wang Dong-Lei, Chen Ma-Gui Design Company: Co-Direction Interior Design Developer: Change Hotel Management Co., Ltd Photographer: Jing Xu-Feng
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Entry Description

The idyllic life with freedom and no worries is the original intention to establish this hotel. We want to create an inn where they can talk and drink with the guests from different places. This old and plain courtyard house of Bai nationality has a very different interior. Three buildings form a U and a fourth wall as a screen is a traditional residential structure. The decorations on the screen wall present different feelings with the changes of the weather and light, and they co-exist harmoniously. The bamboo outside the courtyard, the grey brick on the ground and the screen wall beside all follow the theme of “quiet, clean and mirror”as the beginning of our design. Respecting human’s behaviors and feelings is the core. The simple and clean guestrooms, the tea room of primitive simplicity, the hotel shows a different beauty in this hustle and bustle world.