Huafa & City Hub Wuhan Sales Center

CompanyShenzhen Rongor Design & Consultant Co., Ltd
ClientYue-Ming Qin
DesignerQin Yue-Ming
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

We aim to create a natural space with water as the theme. The character of water lies in moving and motionlessness. Therefore, how to embody and absorb it into space naturally has become the key to our design. As a result, we turn both real interior and exterior waterscapes, rooftops, walls, even lightings, artworks and ornaments, etc. into vivid carriers of water. These objectified images of water unexpectedly evoke the visitors’ inner response to beautiful moments. In spatial facade design, the fine and smooth water ripples in the wall made of white jade echo ripple textures formed by changed parts in upper horizontal lines. It looks like some stones are thrown into the lake, wrinkling the water layer by layer and inviting people into thoughts. The negotiation area separated by artwork installation and screen is tranquil and dynamic, modern and traditional, vividly demonstrating the spirit and implication of water.