Fuzion Alta

Lead DesignerMariano Gioia
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

It was expected that the brand combined classical and modern so as to represent the Argentine idiosyncrasy. The wealthy cultural diversity in our country is a unique expression of this marvellous conjunction of the old world and the new.

The concepts we worked on were: Argentine heritage, inherited European culture, life experiences, lifestyle and everyday situations in present day Argentina.

The creative inspiration behind the packaging was based on a strong bet on typographic work and miscellaneous that are related to Art Noveau (French heritage), and are completed with typical Buenos Aires’ fillet to give birth to the new concept of the brand. A photographic collage rounds up the eclectic style which was sought for to give an identity mark to the new presentations of the brand.
The objective was the repositioning of the product by making the concept behind the brand more evident.


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