Amaro 33

Lead DesignerMariano Gioia
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The objectives were enter with this product in the world of high-quality amaros and achieve a position from an innovative stand, expecting to be seen as contemporary, functional, avant-garde and simple at the same time.

The creative inspiration behind the packaging was related to mixing the classical codes of this type of drink with a very contemporary touch.
As a result, we used a typical hip flask as a base, which was modelled in shape and details with texture on the front and back, and a label that in daytime looks elegant and contemporary and at night, glows showing the brand name in the dark.

Being a new product of the distillery, it was key to outstand at the selling points, being noticed and communicating the public the fact that it is not a traditional distillate. An attractive packaging according to the objective public was the basis of this project.


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