Mocape Shenzhen

CompanyGD-Lighting Design, a.g Licht, Coop Himmelb(l)au
Lead DesignerYenchin Wang, Hui Ren, Qinlai Zheng
ClientYenchin Wang
Prize(s)2nd Place in Architecture Categories / Architectural Lighting
Entry Description

Shenzhen Mocape is a major public cultural project in
Shenzhen. The unique façade form created great difficulties
in lighting design. Lighting design conquered multiple
challenges and successfully integrated within the building,
neatly and sharply presented a clear and translucent city
“rock”. Luminaire installation was mapped, and also
calculated multiple times with lighting design software in
order to analyze different photometric, power and material
reflectance. In addition, in order to resolve glare issues
caused by the building’s concave and convex corners, we
have carried out multiple on-site tests with lumianires’
installation angels, manipulated its photometric and added
shading accessories. Considering the large quantity of
luminaires and their installation difficulties, it was finally
decided to use custom-made U-shaped shading grooves
with exterior baffles adjustable in heights to block glare, and
coated the groove interior matt black to reduce self-
illumination. The construction and commissioning process of
this project took advantage of BIM’s convenience.