Shanghai Supporting Center of Starbucks China

Lead DesignerKen Yang
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

In the course of hatching a design for the project, we scrutinized its brand culture, and the emotional values it aims to express.

This conclusion was further boiled down to three keywords that define the theme: Fun, Young and Connection. We also chose four design elements on the basis of its customer profiles and future strategies in China: the Third Place, Borderless Collaboration, Vintage Industrial and the Renaissance of Craft.

For the digital millenials, connectivity is imperative to being effective and creative. That’s why the center of every floor is turned into mini-bars that support standing-height chats, sessions on the sofa and impromptu meetings.

The likes of recycled wood beams, rusted iron plates and old door panels are refashioned, processed and put together in a vintage industrial style – Starbucks’ way in its most artless representation. It is both an attitude towards life, and an unswerving commitment to a greener planet.