Luka dining chair

DesignerLodovico Bernardi
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Luka's frame make quite the design statement with custom triangular section tubes and a unique structure created by a modular system of aluminium slats that flow along the chair. This chair boasts more than just great looks: it carries good functionality such as high comfort, stack-ability, light weight and robustness.

About Designer

Lodovico Bernardi Design-ing is a boutique design agency. Led by Lodovico Bernardi and a growing creative team, we develop and market lead- ing products and experiences through in-depth research into the behaviour, desires and needs of the consumer de ning new boundaires of product implementation. From Product Design to Visual Comunication through Art Direction, we tailor made services to companies adapting to di erent client reqirements. We transform insights into creative solutions that forecast the market of tomorrow today.