Promised Land

DesignerBates Masi + Architects
PrizeHonorable Mention
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The owners of this property have a passion for being on the water where their interests are dependent on the wind. Thus the program is organized about an east-west axis that aligns with the prevailing wind and divides the public and private wings. This axis extends through the entire site, carving a narrow clearing through the forest that channels the wind towards the house. Clerestory windows between the glulam rafters admit the breeze and pull it through the structure. Between the two wings, a reflecting pool acts as a barometer for displaying the status of the wind. Light bounces off the rippled surface of the water and projects the character of the wind onto the ceilings of adjacent spaces. Acting as a tool for highlighting the environmental information, the architecture is dependent on the context.

About Designer

Bates Masi + Architects, a LEED accredited firm with roots in eastern Long Island for over 40 years, responds to each project with extensive research in related architectural fields, materials, craft and the environment for unique solutions as varied as the individuals for whom they are designed. The focus is neither the size nor the type of project but the opportunity to enrich lives and enhance the environment. This attention to all elements of design has been a constant in the firm's philosophy. Projects include urban and suburban residences, schools, offices and furniture in the United States, Central America and the Caribbean, many of which have been recognized by AIA Design Awards and numerous publications.