CompanyKarice Enterprises Ltd.
ClientMaurice Dery
Designer"Karice Enterprises Ltd., Maurice L. Dery, Jordan N. Dery"
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Kalu Interiors approached Karice to design and supply lighting for the 2016 IDS Vancouver Central Bar display. The theme planned was Alice in Wonderland. Lead designer at Karice, began contemplating the story of Alice, and the idea of huge mushrooms began to take hold. Shroom is an interesting take on a Pendant lighting fixture. Using thin gauge aluminum shapes, the mushroom gills, thirty in all, form the unique shape of our light. Shroom is an LED pendant light fixture that illuminates from both its inner core and a down light. The illumination from within casts a unique play of light onto the aluminum gills. A beautiful array of colors results from the glow of its inner core. The light is also equipped with an MR11 down light. A mushroom shape is not your typical lighting fixture. Travelling on a whimsical theme, the gills of a mushroom heavily influenced our design.

About Designer

Bringing even the most ambitious vision to light, British Columbia-based Karice Enterprises has enormous passion for creating beautiful lighting products, pushing creative boundaries to craft the unimaginable with their cutting-edge, custom lights. Founder, Maurice Laurent Dery believes aesthetic beauty is the by-product of intelligent design and dreaming up what has never been done before is just a part of daily life at Karice. Each piece follows this passion for doing the seemingly “impossible”, and reflects a creative, practical solution to a complicated design challenge.