The Magic Residence For Travelers

Lead DesignerShu-Lin Yang
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The public area, constituted by the living room, dining room and study room, is built by combining those different spaces. At the entrance, the tree-style black plates extend from the floor to the ceiling in three different directions. The chairs and table, made by the plates, create the atmosphere in the spaces of both the porch and study room. The multiple styles and the colors contrast have become the focus in the public area. Used the same plates design, the kitchen bar is embedded with the functions of table, storage closet, and TV wall, the design making vaguely the boundaries among different spaces which are connected by using the plates thereafter. With the French window in the main bedroom, the arch-style framework creates the church-like atmosphere; with the oil paintings of a wedding on the other side of walls, the memories and living spaces for the parents are connected ingeniously.


Sky Design Co., Ltd.