Hyundai City Outlets Dongdaemun

CompanyGARDE CO., LTD.
ClientJoungbae Lee
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Entry Description

Hyundai City Outlets Dongdaemun is Korea’s first ever lifestyle mall in the center of a city. Based on the model of a warehouse, low-cost, without excess but balanced and stylish at the same time, using the latest technology and operating with smart devices, it is made to be an hybrid place between technology and simplicity. Through its design this Hyundai City Outlets is aiming to awake the playful spirit of its customers by giving them the same feelings as the ones they hold when attending a festival. Each floor holds a different design and has its own specificity and universe so customers will not only come to shop but also come to spend time and experience new things. It becomes a feast for the senses and the eyes. Starting with the marché at the B2F, the "festival" goes on and on by each floor passing until the 9th floor.