The Residence of Zen

Lead DesignerMing-Chuan Tai
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

After coming in from the entranceway, we will see a composite multi-purpose cabinet, made of ironworks, plate rocks, and wooden materials, which distinguishes excellently the entranceway from the living room. The design of the composite multi-purpose cabinet spills the daylight all the way from the living room to the entrance, the design creating the effect of floating enframed scenery in the indoor space. In the public area, the elegant and graceful atmosphere is created by painting in white, and furnishing with ironworks and warm wooden materials. In the living room, the large French window and outdoor plants fill the indoor space with animated atmosphere. The TV wall, made of engineered stone, extends the design of wall at the entranceway and functions ingeniously as the storage cabinet. The door of storage cabinet brilliantly presents the value of mechanism to the highest level.


Dayoungdi Design Co., Ltd.