A Residence with Family Love

DesignerCheng-Feng Wang
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Forsaking the complicate ideas of design, the designer applies the tone of white as the topic of the entire space. With the spatial modification by decorating the residence with clean and sharp black metals, the bland woods, the crystal clear glass, and geometric-style lightings, the space is becoming publicly open and lively. Furthermore, the overall space is getting neat and clean, the design successfully magnifies the visual space. To spill the indoor space with sunlight and fresh air, the designer has remodeled the walls on the balcony. The glass has made the space full of variations, the natural and healthy residential environment rarely seen in most of the cities. Furthermore, the plain style is making this residence more attractive. From the point of views, for designers, the applications to the spatial skills and elements carefully are of great opportunity making a dream for new home and life in real world.

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