ClientDan Kaplan
DesignerDan Kaplan
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

A rare mid-block design opportunity engendered the creation of this unique Manhattan mid-rise. Employing dramatic cantilevers and an expressive, textured façade, 35XV is anchored by a six-story granite-clad base–an expansion of the adjacent High School–that extends the scale and materiality of the street-level context. Emerging from the base is a 19-story sculptural, angled, glass volume residential space. A conscientious modulation of fenestration at the base equally accommodates the school’s functions and the building’s residential identity, while the tower’s sloped form and faceted glass cladding serve to reflect the changing sky, appearing to de-materialize the building. The residential tower resolves a complex three- dimensional puzzle that finesses zoning requirements and the unique attributes of its site. The design leverages requirements that stipulate a sky exposure plane– traditionally a design constraint–to sculpt a unique form that offers tenants light, airy interior living spaces with unparalleled views of the surrounding cityscape.