Designerjekyll & hyde
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

We are designing the wayfinding system for the headquarters of Widiba, a bank that operates predominantly through an online platform. Working as if you were at home means operating in a comfortable, informal, convenient, relaxed and pleasant manner. The bank wants to use architectural design to give its premises this feel.Signs in houses are not planned; they develop in an informal and sometimes random way. Information is often written by hand. Our entire wayfinding project is based on this concept. A series of panels leaned casually against the wall at each of the main junctions underpin the signage system and provide the information required to get around the offices.Various calligraphers were asked to write out the name of the floors and the meeting rooms, and their calligraphy creates genuine landmarks within the premises, each one with its own distinctive personality.

About Designer

jekyll & hyde is a Milan-based graphic design and visual communications studio. It was founded in 1996 by Marco Molteni and Margherita Monguzzi. The studio works in the fields of brand identity, publishing, art direction, type design, packaging and web design. Many of its recent projects have featured in national and international publications and received awards. The studio favours teamwork, working together with great enthusiasm, an enquiring mindset and a playful outlook to develop simple yet radical products. It always takes people's reactions to the products into consideration: how they will use them, move them and complete them, discovering their meaning or perhaps even a different perspective. The aesthetic and practical decisions are always based on an idea. They have something to communicate and a concept to convey, making the project stand out in keeping with the company's values and those of its focus market.