Chaos in Black and White

Lead DesignerWu-Ching Chou
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

After coming inside, we can see a dark space composed of the brown wooden wall veneers, wooden floors, marbles, and grey mirrors. The designer creates a calm and warm interior atmosphere by ingeniously contrasting the inner and outer space. The designer made a large construction model at the center of the interior space, a signal presenting the theme of the reception center and the visual concentration of the whole space. At the inner side of the arc wall, the cozy couch, opening meeting area, and visual-penetrative screen make a lively atmosphere while preserving the private security at the same time. Different from the public area which is designed for a cold style by using rocks, concrete and mirrors, the bedroom is designed into a space furnished with black and white, a number of timbers, and wooden veneers that make the space a sense of warm humanity.


HER-YU Architecture&Interior Design