The Star

ClientAndrew Bromberg at Aedas
DesignerAndrew Bromberg at Aedas
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The design for The Star does not present one singular expression to describe the project; instead it celebrates the rich and numerous activities inside with a multi-faceted permeable and dynamic design, blurring the boundaries between the public and private realms and between the retail and cultural components. These transitions are soft and flowing, encouraging discovery and resulting in a highly public, energetic attraction for the city. The 62,000-square- metre development comprises a Retail and Entertainment Zone-The Star Vista by CapitaLand Mall Asia Limited, and a Cultural Zone-The Star Performing Arts Centre by Rock Productions Pte Ltd. The development provides a premier entertainment, lifestyle and retail experience for not only one-north but also the wider Singapore community. The master plan sets out detailed planning constraints in terms of pedestrian connectivity, building envelope, height control, retaining of site topography and key site features, as well as retaining/transplanting of mature trees of significance.