The White Sweet Dream

Lead DesignerYi-Cheng Chi
Prize(s)3rd Place in Interior Design / Residential
Entry Description

Because of the local terrain, the parking lot is built on the first floor. The second floor, on which the public area of the living room, dining room and kitchen, the straight-cut thin slate wall, the white TV wall and ceiling, the long log bar, and the modern couches, create the different qualities from the simple lines and unadorned materials. The area behind the living room is the open kitchen and dining space, in which the wooden grille ceiling, the log table and chairs, the metallic lamps, and the white space, create the warm atmosphere of “home” in the restaurant. The large French window, at the back of the restaurant, is connected to the back yard, where the delicate plantings, small swimming pool, and open tea house, make the residence filled with the happy hour as taking vacation, when satisfying the desires for foods, clothes, living.