Irene Neal Identity

DesignerAnna-Maria Abbruzzo
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

The identity is broken down into five categories: Information, poetry, ink, painting and d’object d’art. Each color is meaningful to its category. Gray is used as the universal color given its "neutral" aptitudes, it regroups general information about the artist such as education. However, gray can also become the world of the artist, one comprised of categories rooted in the artist’s works. Blue used for poetry - for the tranquility and fluidity it evokes, much like the topic it represents. Yellow used for inks, for the vibrancy, energy, and life the ink drawings convey. Red used for paintings, because the color is reoccurring in the artist's works. It is an alluring, vibrant and vital color that works nicely with the gestural movements of the paintings. Green used for l’object d’art because the materials used to create these works consist of found objects, raw and very organic; encompassing a "green conscience".