Compass Furnished Apartments Infographics

DesignerLiz Abbate
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Compass provides short-term, fully furnished apartments. This is a pretty competitive category with many undifferentiated players. Using the thought “our home is your home” as the message, we redesigned some key marketing materials and wrote new language with a strong sense of humanity. Rather than a typical photo of a staged apartment with bulleted lists and a big call to action, we used a more personal design device: illustration. With conceptual icons, blocks of color, and bold contrasts in typography, we gave each section its own space, sense of fun and an infographic style to the flow. Not to mention custom illustrated portraits we created. The company is completely on board with the new look, how it can be translated into a family of marketing materials, and that they can break the industry standard of corporate speak and just be themselves.