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Without Phase

Lead DesignersYu Wei Lin
Prize(s)Bronze in Interior Design / Residential
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Entry Description

A space without phase is an area defined by form, essence and light, allowing both the tangible space envelope and intangible creative inspiration to engage in a rendezvous that moves in tune with the heart and passions.

The low color saturation approach of our design makes use of color tone, temperature, and hue to create spatial levels. Although appearing simple on the surface, this design approach better highlights the bearing and lingering charm of the large residence within its refinement.

In the open format public area, the attributes have been defined through the use of frames, axes and lines, eliminating the standard boundaries and adding a taste of elegance to everyday life.

Through the use of furniture with simple lines, along with items from the client’s carefully selected collection, we created an interpretation of East-meets-West style.