Parkview Garden Sales Office

CompanyComodo Interior & Furniture Design Co Ltd
Lead DesignerAlain Wong
ClientAlain Wong
Project LinkView
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

We aimed to create a smooth and luxurious experience to
the customers. We have developed a smooth flow of
procedure which customers can enter from the lobby,
walking through the display area and meeting area. The
adoption of eastern and western elements set the luxurious
ambiance of the sales office. Through the idea of folding
screen design by using numerous hollow craving copper
partitions with Parkview Garden logos, it separated the
office into different sections. Different materials were
adopted in order to make each section distinctive. VIP area
was separated into individual rooms with simple wallpaper.
The extensive use of marble and wood with crystal
chandelier, which was specially designed in the shape of
Parkview Garden logo, conveyed the image and
characteristics of Parkview Garden. From the selection of
furniture to decoration, the sales office fused eastern and
western elements with bespoke design, presenting a
balance of aesthetics and functionality.


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