Red Demon

Lead DesignerRyan Loi
Prize(s)3rd Place in Print / Posters
Entry Description

The darkness of xenophobia (as explored in the play) is brought to life on the poster through colour play, iconic symbols and expressive actors. The actors appear to be looking for something, yet filled with trepidation at what they might find out – the Demon. The batik (traditional Indonesian textile) backdrop is a nod to the geographical and cultural context of the play: Southeast Asia, while the outfits and styling set the timeline (early 1900s) and economic status of the characters. Dark shadows and high contrast colours bring out the dark theme of xenophobia. Red highlights and undertones tie back to the title Red while suggesting danger and also a reflection from the demonic eyes of flames right in the middle of the poster – a hint that the a demon is hidden amongst them.


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