JU Corporate Design

CompanyG√ľndisch & Friends Werbeagentur UG
ClientHannah Kuestner
DesignerAndreas Guendisch
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

We made a new Corporate Design for the whole Company. The company is one of Germanys biggest Mailbox Manufacturer. We made the redesign of the logo, brochures, new business cards and stationary, catalogues, the 3D-Models of the mailboxes and much more.

About Designer

"Since the company was founded in 2012, we see ourselves as a full-service advertising agency." Our team of more than 25 permanent and freelance employees feed each other lines. Our premise of "success through enthusiasm" is the leading force behind all projects. Customer satisfaction is not enough for us: we want to convince our customers! Design, web, apps, augmented- / virtual-reality, photography, film, 3D, sound or text - we bundle our competencies and deliver everything from a single source - beacuse we love, what we do. Let yourself be inspired!

Awards and Prize

Deutscher Agenturpreis 2015 IDA 2016 Special Mention German Design Award 2018