The Photo Company

Lead DesignerAshwin Lovekar
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The project is a photography studio complex for a young photographer who specializes in automobile, product and fashion photography.
The premise, which was earlier an unused factory complex in an abandoned and dilapidated state, had to be converted into the studio complex while maintaining the footprints of the existing structures, as the area was in a no-development zone.
Unused spaces in-between the existing structures were used to create transition and interactive spaces.
The user status had to be elevated from a defunct factory premise to an aesthetically appealing photo studio with a stimulating environment for the commercial photographer.
The alterations needed to be low cost, simple and earthy and had to fulfill the photographer’s requirement of interesting backdrops for fashion photography whenever required.
The project needed to merge interiors and architecture and needed to have the same theme flowing throughout the space, making it look larger and roomier.


Ashwin Lovekar and Anjali Lovekar have graduated in Architecture from the prestigious Sir J.J. College of Architecture, Mumbai, in 1991. After having worked with different architectural firms for about 2 years in Mumbai and Pune, the design firm of Lovekar Design Associates was formed in 1993.
We, at Lovekar Design Associates believe that every project has to be masterminded carefully taking into account the client brief, fidelity to site conditions and the time and economic frame for the same. We believe in teamwork, ably supported by the team members and co-workers who skillfully execute their share of work in the project. A keen sense of aesthetics and visual appeal along with discipline in the design in the underlined character of our work. We believe in creating spaces that the owner is comfortable with and relates to as his own. Enjoying the process of deigning to obtain a creative and feasible solution is our goal towards each project we undertake.