Agitation Between Movement

DesignerChi-Ling Yeh & Chia-Sheng Jen
Entry Description

The office, in this project, is located at the core business area in metropolitan and is equipped with advanced technology. Different from those who build up the most general cold-style technology companies, the employer, who cares about the benefits for the employees, wants to have an office integrating aesthetics, comfort and pleasant elements. On the basis of the company spirits “innovation, cooperation, and reunion,” the client, at the beginning of this design plan, applied the concepts such as innovation, invigoration and diversification to the indoor space. In the tender atmosphere present primarily by warm colors, the designer has brought into existence a working area full of the characteristics of both fashioned technology and humanity spirits, which include the temperatures and stories, by integrating the simple and rough industrial elements in Loft style, and by mixing heterogeneous materials and objects.

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