Sidetable LIZ

CompanyChristian Kroepfl Architecture & Design
ClientChristian Kroepfl Architecture & Design
DesignerChristian Kroepfl
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

„Another Step to a Timeless Way of Creating“ would be a good way to describe LIZ. In combination with a sofa or an arm chair, the surface of LIZ positioned conveniently over the arm rests serves as a work surface or a beverage tray, or pushed away it functions as a striking stand-alone piece of furniture in your home or office waiting area. Stainless steel straps are bent through a delicate stainless steel tubular frame, on top of which is mounted a shelf made of glass or leather; Optionally, one is able to temporarily fix a tray onto this shelf. The arrangement of the components permits placing newspapers or books horizontally between steel bands and the storage shelf, or vertically between the straps and the tube frame. LIZ embodies the use of materials in an appropriate form and function: practical, elegant and reserved. Timeless.

About Designer

Christian Kroepfl was born in Dornbirn (Austria), Europe and currently practices as an Architect and Designer in Vienna, where he develops and designs high-quality design furniture, whose clear and timeless form language as well as detail precision have now become his trademark. In his design work the questions about functionality and quality as well as the use of natural and sustainable materials are in the centre of the development process. Modern design, in particular combinations of steel and solid wood, resolves into timeless and aesthetic furniture that beautifies our everyday life.