Child's Happy Tree

Lead DesignerChih-Ching Chen
Prize(s)2nd Place in Interior Design / Institutional
Entry Description

During the enlightenment, the children hold small blankets and dolls, focus on listening to audio books and reading picture books, word of mouth stories. In their small heads, filled with the situation and role of which are unable to extricate themselves into the designer created dream paradise for paternity by magic, and it will be a unforgettable space to experience for lifetime! Composed of light blue and white lines silhouetted wall, gently embrace the children into the space, playful animal wall stickers, enthusiastically lead the children into the fantasy kingdom! Strong style of honeycomb and bubble shaped upholstery , circle and grid, sense of concavo-convex, various sizes and heights, stimulating the child's vision, tactile senses, understanding of shapes, inspired by the curve of the blue cloth sofa brings a little more space layering and relaxing. Secret base under the happy tree.


B.D.T International Design CO.