Silhouette - Blue

DesignerKaren Michelle Evans
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

SILHOUETTE…. inspired by my love of nature and from childhood memories of the Forest and Lakes in and around Wales. The powerful imagery has always stayed with me,  landscape of towering trees soaring above me, their branches reaching the sky, while I remain below.   Like familiar friends, they each have their own stories to tell as I listen to the wind talking to them……bold strong Black Branches are softened with a rich colorful canvas of Blue.... Textures interlock in subtle shades of silks echoing patterns crossing over them by the clouds.   Perspectives are changed as the distant views become more alive, raised in silks in the foreground, harmonizing with the low pile height of the trees. This creates the look of an ancient Tapestry which somehow evokes the memory of the past in a modern striking design.