Hotel Ohla Eixample

DesignerEstudi Isern Associats slp
PrizeHonorable Mention
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A new 5 star hotel in the centre of Barcelona. Placed in an existing office building this ambitious project kept only the existing steel structure. The rest – façades, distribution, etc… was renewed to start a dialog between the surroundings, the existing structure, and the hotel use. Technologically, the use of shock absorbers to insulate the building from the noise of the metro is a major innovation. While the ceramic façade is in keeping with Barcelona’s tradition, but at the time incorporates an extra twist, music. In this case, contemporary composer Max Richter’s Vivaldi Recomposed. With the help of Ceramica Cumella and IAAC, a sound based algorithm was invented, That creates a pattern that a robot engraves on the surface of the ceramic while it is being extruded. This process allowed us to create an infinite number of pieces, each uniquely different.

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