BCA exhibition

PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

In 2016, Hyku exhibited at Broadcast Asia, the world’s premier multimedia and technology conference. Hyku’s exhibit design was not only praised heavily by event organizers, but was the centerpiece in digital media wing of the conference. The exhibit design is eye catching – highlighted by a living room vivisection, metaphorical theme completed with décor, numerous television screens and warm colors. The curves in the front of the booth offers an aesthetic contrast to the angular television sets and platform stands. Bar stools were added, both for functional purposes, but also contributing to the design of a modern, contemporary home – the type of home that would use Hyku’s product. Lastly the entire set is punctuated with an eye-catch orange, not only Hyku’s company colors, but makes the entire setup standout amongst other exhibits with neutral tones. The successful of the booth design allowed Hyku to capture numerous key clients during the event.