The Residence with Natural Environment

Lead DesignerChia-Hung Weng
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Because of the fact that the client lives in an independent but wide place, the designer applies the skills pilling up stereoscopic spaces, and brings into existence the comfortable and delicate environment. On the greenery grass, the walk path leads people all the way to the two white objects. The small object is designed into the guard house, where can be functioned as the reception hall as well. For the big object, the grille design both allocates the area of façade into different scales and relieves the sense of heaviness, the skill as if touching gently on the earth. On the front façade, the big object is decorated with translucent glass and thin iron works that delineate the outlines of the detailed structures, the method giving rise to the contrast skill while reflecting the blue sky in the meantime.


Wyson Int'l Architecture Interior Design