Food Design

Lead DesignerStudio Renate Boere
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

‘Food Design’ is the first book about the consumer, industry and sustainable development by design concerning our daily food.

The book, designed by Studio Renate Boere, presents a wonderful overview of 35 richly illustrated design projects, events and products in the light of current developments in the mutable world of food. 

Studio Renate Boere chose to give the design process of Katja Gruijters products a significant role in the book. Together the’ve been looking for photographs showing the process of food creation in a narrative way. The general text about sustainability is designed in a different manner then the 35 projects, this makes the book much more than a list of successful projects, it gives insight in the careful considerations of the designer.

Design: Studio Renate Boere
Authors: Katja Gruijters, Ed van Hinte
Size: 245 x 175 mm
Pages: 216
ISBN: 9789089896889
Publisher: Terra


Studio Renate Boere is a design studio that explores the latest graphic design practices. We like to work with students, artists, companies, agencies and governments on innovative products.

We develop and invent, apart from classical graphic design activities, interactive installations, hybrid publishing and self-initiated innovative products. Research into new channels to create visibility for these innovative products is an important part of our work.

Awards and Prize

European Design Award 2016
International Design Award 2016