DesignerJuan Carlos Baumgartner
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

With the initiative of innovation and growth looking toward the future the basis has been established for its sustainable development; without formulas, depending heavily on the philosophy and culture of this organization, SpAce developed together with Osram a unique tailor made design. The design impacts in three dimensions, where emotion incites action, and deepening the neurological connection with the philosophy of the company that leads to a boost in commitment, productivity, efficiency and wellbeing of the entire organization. The project is on one level, inspired in the configuration of different and flexible spaces in order to have better balance between life, work and technology, with movement and dynamism, which leads us from the lighting, furniture, and floor materials to connecting again with the panels. The main purpose was to generate and create an open and flexible space that feels like an original and comfortable environment, with spaces according to the use.