Lead DesignerAlex Bocchi
Prize(s)3rd Place in Illumination / Desk Lamps
Entry Description

Dina lamp is a table lamp dedicated to reading and what stands out is the contemporary and essential and lightness design.
Characteristic element of the lamp is the rod, a spiral shape, which not only strongly characterizes the aesthetics but give to the lamp also a multiple functionality.
The spiral base certainly used as support can also be used in different ways such as a magazine or books holder or again such as hook to hang the light at thin tables or thin shelves.
The shape recalls the archetype of a coiled snake revisited in a minimal gesture. Dina lamp is an object that characterize the space where is placed thanks to its essential and pleasant design creating an attractive aesthetic effect.
To complete the entire collection there are the floor lamp and the ceiling lamp.


Alex born in Orzinuovi (Italy), Architectural Engineer on the paper, professional dreamer in daily life.
Afterwards he has been graduated in Architectural Engineering in Brescia and working experiences in Portugal, Spain and Japan he come back to Italy, homeland of Design, to starts his career.
He is currently living in Italy where he is working as freelance in architectural and design fields and collaborating with the young Italian architectural and BIM offices.
He has passionate of both handcraft works and computer graphics/modeling, his research is a permanent investigation in pure beauty, harmony and balance in proportions using the materials and resources as wisely as possible. His works feel the influence of different experiences and fields of arts, but not only.