Lead DesignerSheung Ching Lui
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The apartment is situated in Hong Kong, one of the highest density city in the world, yet this project envisions constructing a tree house within the concrete jungle.

This residence is designed for a three-member family with one family helper. This renovation transformed a one suite apartment to a maximum of three bedroom suites apartment depending on the use arrangement. The layout was so designed to minimize corridor spaces by means of overlapping the rooms. 15 types of timber patterns are used in the flat, different combinations of timber colors and texture created various atmosphere as well as the hierarchy of the rooms. This apartment has formed a breathing room within its urban context.


pollui studied at The Manchester School of Architecture and The University of Hong Kong, with a bachelor and master degree in architecture. Although he has been formally receiving architectural design training, his passion to design is not limited to any media. He is fascinated to all sorts of design, from graphic to spatial, from 1D to 3D. Everything inspires him.

pollui believes good design should be simple and that time should be spent on appreciating a design rather than understanding it. ‘Classic with a twist’ best illustrates his design approach.