Project OMNI - Smartwatch

Lead DesignerJorg Schlieffers
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Prize(s)2nd Place in Office Equipment / Telecommunications
Entry Description

Project OMNI is our inhouse vision of a smartwatch ecosystem.
OMNI represents our view of the wearable future.
OMNI was designed for Individuality, Ease of use and Expandability as the three main design pillars.
Taking inspiration from the analogue watch principle which has remained unaltered throughout the years, OMNI makes up the core element for a plethora of smart watch designs able to enhance and expand its abilities and styles; creating a bridge between technology and design to form a truly timeless bond.
We believe in choice. We believe that you should not face a decision to commit to one design, when there are a million different tastes out there.
We designed the OMNI smartwatch with a core central smart module (a digital watch 'movement', so to say) that can be incorporated into an endless variety of watch straps and housings with the look and capabilities you want.


Thinkable Studio was founded by Jorg Schlieffers in 2005. As former European Design Director for Symbol Technologies, he spent almost a decade designing award-winning user-centric barcode-scanning and data management systems for a broad variety of retail and industrial applications prior to starting his consultancy in the UK and now Germany.
Thinkable uses process-oriented design methodologies and high-end tools in their strive for world-class customer-centric product solutions.
Clients include anyone from large global corporations to small startups in the high-tech, wearable, medical and consumer markets.