Man In A Cage

DesignerJorg Schlieffers
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

The ‘Man in a Cage’ pendant is our signature statement piece for Saxons Of Oxford: a micro-machined marvel from a solid block of 925 sterling silver and completed with an impeccable high polish finish and intricacy. The Man in a Cage is typical of any intricate piece of jewellery in that the process of its creation involved a number of trials and tribulations. The desired precision and underlying quality meant that many imperfect prototypes did not make the final grade. No traditional jewellery-making process proved adequate for the intended quality and detail, so this is where the typical process ends for Man in a Cage. Its design was a complex blend of digital precision, blending with a modern manufacturing process and more than a little old fashioned workmanship. As a statement piece, the message contained within is up for anyone's own interpretation. Aren't we all caged, one way or another?

About Designer

Thinkable Studio was founded by Jorg Schlieffers in 2005. As former European Design Director for Symbol Technologies, he spent almost a decade designing award-winning user-centric barcode-scanning and data management systems for a broad variety of retail and industrial applications prior to starting his consultancy in the UK and now Germany. Thinkable uses process-oriented design methodologies and high-end tools in their strive for world-class customer-centric product solutions. Clients include anyone from large global corporations to small startups in the high-tech, wearable, medical and consumer markets.