HELIOS Smartglasses for the Blind

Lead DesignerJorg Schlieffers
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Prize(s)1st Place in Industrial and Life Science Design
Entry Description

Project HELIOS represents Oxford University researcher Stephen Hicks and the RNIB Royal Nat'l Institute for the Blind's quest to give vision back to the visually impaired. Most people who are legally 'blind' have some vision left in their eyes.
Thinkable Studio designed these augmented reality AR smartglasses around new sensor technologies. We use see-thru Epson projection lenses in conjunction with three infrared and depth sensing cameras in order to 'project' the outline of people and objects into the remaining eyesight of patients. They can now navigate through space with a depth recognition of up to 4m, therefore no longer bumping into objects. Stephen Hick's 'visionary' software and this wearable hardware allow blind people a more active lifestyle. There are millions of people globally who we would like to help see again. Currently this design is going through clinical trials with design optimizations (smaller sensors/size) in the next versions.


Thinkable Studio was founded by Jorg Schlieffers in 2005. As former European Design Director for Symbol Technologies, he spent almost a decade designing award-winning user-centric barcode-scanning and data management systems for a broad variety of retail and industrial applications prior to starting his consultancy in the UK and now Germany.
Thinkable uses process-oriented design methodologies and high-end tools in their strive for world-class customer-centric product solutions.
Clients include anyone from large global corporations to small startups in the high-tech, wearable, medical and consumer markets.