Modern Minimalism

DesignerMK Alliance Construction LLC, Robinette Architects, Lori Carroll & Associates
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Modern minimalism architecture typically begins in a natural setting, with structures open to their surroundings. Clean, simple and uncomplicated, this exceptional home is defined by vast floor to ceiling widows that offer unobstructed views as well as a calmness, warmth and beauty that minimalistic spaces should exude. Looking to escape the extreme winters on the Atlantic coastline with a contemporary vacation retreat that embraces the sundrenched, Southwestern lifestyle, a team of architect, builder and interior designer metamorphosed a rugged, untamed property in to a contemporary oasis. Among the granite boulders, mesquite trees and cacti, this unique 3,200 square foot home features three bedrooms, four bathrooms and a loft. Design features followed the linear style of the modern desert architecture; maximizing the indoor/outdoor plan and minimizing the threshold between the two. Approaching the project from a destination perspective, the goal was to create a luxury resort experience, at home.