Lead DesignerHakan Gursu
Prize(s)3rd Place in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Outdoors, trekking and camping
Entry Description

Sustainability and functionality form the core of this modern and creative camper trailer, which accommodates two people and is very compact in design. It is wide enough to accommodate a small closet, bedroom with a double bed, kitchen, shower & sink and a toilet. Under the foldable double bed, storage space exists. Folding table on the rear side of trailer is used for dining and seat around and the tent over the table attached to roof of the trailer is fixed to the ground with sticks and rope which has hooks at the end.
Energy is retrieved from the solar panels. It generates electricity to sustain on-board accessories even if the vehicle is not moving. With its dimensions of 3 meters length, 1.75 meter width and 2 meters height, it is designed to fit on the standard trailers.


HAKAN GURSU was born on 1959 in Istanbul. He graduated from Middle East Technical University as first rank student in 1987. He took his master’s degree from Department of Architecture in 1988. Gursu, continued his project studies at Japan in 1991 and completed his Ph.D studies in 1996. He worked as consultant on interior architecture and city planning in Moscow and Tokyo.
He contributed in the design of registered product design in the context of university and industry collaboration. Still he is going on his duites as an instructor in the Department of Industrial Design in METU and Designnobis.