Lead DesignerLee Westley
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Our brief was to give Prospec a modern and timeless corporate brand platform that would significantly improve the way that the company was marketed.
From the unique brand logo we was challenged to develop the new company brochure so that it worked in a number of different ways. We needed to portray the long history of the company and hows it's global reach had grown over the years to make Prospec the market leaders within the leisure industry. The second element for the best show the range of products offering along with full specification and technical information. Finally the brochure had to form part of a bespoke glass sample packaging which would be hand delivered to high level clients and Architects. Once these main elements of the company brand was in place we then tailored or corporate stationery and signage to implement the new brand styling.


At E'media we believe that our clients want the reassurance of a national and sometimes international brand identity so it’s extremely important how we manage the way we develop and communicate that valued brand.

For over 18 years we’ve had a passion for creating and enhancing brands, successfully bringing them to life through our careful development and management of the whole brand process.

Working all media platforms, we thrive on developing new concepts to market products and services. Our aim is to bring strategic thinking and creative flair to every project large or small, whilst never losing sight of our customer’s objectives.

We are proud of what we create and enjoy working closely with all our clients to ensure we get the right solution.