Aliens on the Top of

DesignerI-Ting Tsai
Prize1st Place in Other Fashion designs
Entry Description

The 3D-printed garments/ accessories, produced with the procedural modeling method, were the final proposal of this project. This project scrutinizes various simple geometries and their possible deformations. Through different mathematical deformations such as extrude, bend, twist, lattice, and chamfer corners, a complex but robust shape is created. With the application of mirror function, it can then be transformed into different complex symmetrical shapes. The outcome of a consistent and clean typology can then be applied to the fashion industry. A system can also be built with the utilization of this method. Moreover, multiple geometries can be combined in one model and generate together to enrich the shapes of the garments/ accessories. This systematic procedure helps avoid the necessity of cleaning mess meshes, an inevitable process in most general production. The scenario of humans wearing the alien-like ornaments provides an illusion that the couture integrates itself into the surroundings.