Form and Functionality

Lead DesignerLori Carroll
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

“Rugged peaks, gullies, canyons and alluvial fans…” describe the Tortolita Mountains located deep in the American Southwest. Finding the spot for a second home amidst the remarkable Sonoran desert became the perfect location for a quiet winter retreat. Problem was, these new desert dwellers came from Midwestern waterfront property where crisp whites and tropical pastels were the hallmark of their family home. Finding a local interior designer who could ease them in to the natural, organic appeal of the desert gave them a fresh perspective on peace and serenity. All great master bathroom designs have one thing in common; a space has to satisfy the homeowner’s needs and reflect their personal lifestyle. Finally convinced contemporary could be warm and inviting, incorporating many of the materials that define contemporary design; glass, tile and wood emphasize the clean simplicity that is also soothing and restful.