CompanySavannah College of Art and Design
ClientJasmine Lo
Prize2nd Place in Pret-a-porter / Women_PP
Entry Description

The collection is based on an idea suggested by Confusius, “ Human should live like fish, as an integral part of nature”. We, human, should live along with the the environment, instead of destroying and rebuilding it to fit ourselves. We are all an internal part of nature. Fish is naturally blend with their living environment. It is obvious that the shape of fish follows the flow of water. At the same time, the flow of water shapes the form of fish. The unify feeling is translate through the collection. Pleating is heavily applied onto the garment because it allows movement of the clothing as the flow of water when a person is wearing it. Although the theme of the collection is inspired by an old Chinese thinking, the energetic bright blue and orange are applied in contrast with the ancient idea and bring the idea back to live.