Woodland House

DesignerFrankfranco Architects
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Situated upon the crown of a hill in an established Ontario neighborhood, the Woodland House is a residence for a young family that was chosen for its vast natural forest and rich topography. The design of the house consists of repurposed spaces from an existing structure, as well as a new addition, added to accommodate the functional program. Nestled within the forest, in the company of 100 year old Oak trees, the architecture and interior design of the house are intended to complement, rather than compete with its surrounding natural context. Modest building materials including stone, fiber cement board, glazed brick, and cedar, are balanced by the rich interior material palette of stained walnut, brass, and bronze. The resulting residence engages with its surrounding context through panoramic views of the site, blending nature and architecture into a singular experience, and blurring the line between a city dwelling and camping cabin.