On Design

Lead DesignerJustin Negard
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

"On Design" is a book about the principles and business of graphic design. The connecting theme of this book is simplicity, both in form and in message. Great design is simple design.

Therefore, it was important for the visuals to reflect this theme as well.

Basic shapes and forms were used to demonstrate the idea of a particular chapter, be it excitement, tension, curiosity, etc. Colors also followed suit, with only four different hues being used (along with white space) throughout the book.

Finally, this book was designed to be read on-the-go. Therefore, it is compact in dimensions. All text is sans serif, headings are very clear, and visual enhancement is intentionally minimal. Chapters follow the same formula repeatedly: one image, heading, and clearly spaced paragraphs.

From cover to cover, "On Design" is a colorful yet minimal presentation of what great design should be.